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Presentation clip and podcasts (2022)

Cyber Security Management invited its customers and partners to an exclusive evening, in a unique setting, to present their latest Cyber Security Management Services. This evening was also an opportunity to discover a building called “Queens”, a marvel of neo-classical architecture dating from 1876 and having belonged to Mayor Emile Bockstael.

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Aftermovies  Molenbeek – Ghent - Liège (2021)

For six weeks, the UYG brought together more than 1,600 children in 3 host cities. 18 different sports were represented, including athletics, rowing, basketball, BMX, cycling, dance, football, frisbee, hockey, tree climbing, jiu-jitsu, judo, volleyball, rugby, running, skateboarding, tennis and table tennis.   The smiling faces of the children, the gratitude of the teachers and the positive feedback from the various partners were indicative of the success of the 2021 series.

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Presentation videos of the European members of the CCA (2021)

CCAM's goal is to create a more user-centric and inclusive mobility system, increasing road safety while reducing congestion and the environmental footprint. More collaborative research, test and demonstration projects to accelerate the pace of innovation and implementation of automated mobility. Working together at European level to help break down barriers and contribute to the acceptance and effective deployment of automation technologies and services.

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Promotion of the first Brussels Urban Youth Games (2019)

On June 24 and 25, 2019, a few thousand young people from Brussels aged 10-12 met for the first Brussels Urban Youth Games; major sporting event precursor to an international edition called the International Urban Youth Games. It is a Belgian initiative launched by Jacques Borlée, co-constructed with the municipality of Molenbeek, supported by the International Olympic Committee and supported by renowned sports personalities such as Justine Henin, Olivia Borlée, Toma Nikiforov, Amal Amjahid and many others.

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Annual announcement of the Group's economic results (2019)


The Solvay group was born in Belgium more than 150 years ago, in 1863. It now has some 1,700 employees spread over 5 industrial sites as well as its headquarters (Headquarters), Solvay Campus in Brussels, where more than of 1000 people.

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Series of 12 capsules for the agency's 10th anniversary (2019)


EGVIA currently has 84 members from the automotive, smart systems and smart grid sectors as well as research centers and universities. The association continues to grow, testifying to the attractiveness of the EGVI cPPP in the field of road transport.

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Anniversary film to commemorate the 15 years of the Agency (2018)

The Foreign Trade Agency organizes, in close collaboration with the regional services responsible for foreign trade and the FPS Foreign Affairs, joint economic missions.

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Presentation film of the translation and linguistic quality control company (2018)

Capstan specializes in surveys and high value-added tests.

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Presentation of the Walloon company (2018)

Thermibel has been manufacturing electronic temperature sensors since 1983. The company covers an area of 1800 square meters and is located in Strépy-Bracquegnies 50 km south of Brussels. It employs 28 people.



Presentation of the craftsmanship of the high-end contemporary furniture company (2015)

The JNL group brings a new wave of creativity to bespoke design with its impeccable mastery of the manufacturing process. Upholsterers, carpenters, sculptors, blacksmiths and technicians, the artisans of JNL breathe new life into an ancestral art that makes each creation unique.
Directed by: Lionel Daneau

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