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Triangle7 specializes in the production of audiovisual works and offers follow-up and support for the director until the realization of their project. It also means partnering with other producers to support the creation of directors.

Service delivery

Image editing with Sabine Hubeaux,calibration and effects VFX avecStephan Higelin,image capture and machinery with Thibault Sellier

Rental of image post production rooms

Triangle7 has 5 rooms dedicated to the post production of internal and external projects.

These rooms are equipped with editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Avid or Resolve, updated regularly including the software you need and can be adapted to all types of productions. 3 image editing rooms, a calibration/SFX room, a rush and server management room.

Projection room and meeting room 

Triangle has its projection room that can accommodate up to 15 people in order to organize visions of current projects with a first audience in order to be able to improve the quality of our productions and a meeting room capable of also accommodating 15 people to discuss and exchange following a vision for example

The factory of 268 

LaFabriquedu268 is a crowdfunding platform for Belgian auteur documentary cinema. It makes it possible to propose to underfunded projects to finance themselves and to create an audience even before the first broadcast. Lafabriquedu268 benefits from Triangle7's production experience while remaining open to outside productions, Triangle7 ensures that all the funds raised are invested in the film.

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