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4 seasons from 2011 to 2015
10 shows per season

This program is a first in Belgium, Hadja Lahbib sets out to discover the Flemish artistic world with a guide, a renowned writer. It was David Van Reybroek (2011-2012), then Dimitri Verhulst (2012-2013), Stéphan Hertmans 2013-2014) and in 2015 Bart Moeyaerts who took over. The originality of the program also lies in the Franco-Flemish bilingualism of the presentation, each of the presenters speaks his language. Vlaamse Kaai is a monthly bilingual cultural meeting.


AchievementJonas Canon Presentation : Hadja Lahbib – David Van Reybroek – Dimitri Verhulst – Stéphan Hertmans – Bart Moeyaerts - Edition : Patrick de Lamalle

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