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Monarchies facing Hitler

A documentary series in 2 episodes


A film Maud Guillemin

Production The films of memory

Year of finish 2020

post-production Triangle7
Calibration Stephan Higelin

1918, we celebrate the end of a world war which left 20 million dead. The designated officials of such a butchery : les monarques.
For these sovereigns terrorized by communism, Hitler and Mussolini seem to be the solution. The seeds of World War II are in place, and  to save their throne they must decide :
resist or cooperate.


1939, World War II is on. Hitler continues his conquests. Sovereigns must choose : remain with their people or go into exile. If for some the décision is quickly taken,
for others it is hesitation. Naivety, opportunism or assumed collaboration, the situation is complex.

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