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The school of change

Editing and post-production Triangle7

A film by Anne Schiffmann & Chergui Kharroubi

Production Image

Year of finish 2019

In Brussels, two teams of passionate teachers are realizing their dream : to do school differently and give it meaning. Driven by a common desire for change, these teachers created and opened their school. Some in Molenbeek with the Plurielle Maritime Secondary School. The others in Saint-Gilles with the Lycée Intégral Roger Lallemand. Different in their organization, they have in common to be two public schools with active pedagogy for all children, from all backgrounds. Two schools where we bet that this type of teaching is accessible to all. Social mix, benevolence, democracy, solidarity, freedom of expression and questioning are the key words there. We are going to live the second year of life of these two schools where we meet happy and fulfilled teachers and students, gathered around a bold and ambitious project.

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