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Special evening Africa Museum

As part of the evening-event devoted to the New Museum of Tervuren and presented by Elodie De Sélys and Sacha Daout, La Une offers a debate on sensitive issues with the participation of contemporary artists of Congolese origin.


Moderated by Sacha Daout and Elodie de Sélys, the debate is introduced by a text by Dieudonné Kabongo read by Kody, which sets the tone for the evening and testifies to the feelings of many Congolese in the diaspora. The debate is built around four axes.   Sacha Daout discusses with his guests the historical and political aspects, from the history of colonization to the restitution of works, to lead to societal issues and future Belgian-Congolese relations. Elodie de Sélys is surrounded by artists like Marie Daulne, Manou Gallo, Kody, Cécile Djunga, In Koli Jean Bofane, the slammer Joy, the rapper Pitcho, Pierre Kroll are present but also Hervé Hasquin, Louis Michel, Pierre Kompany, Bob Kabamba , Kalvin Soiresse Njall, Géraldine Tobe and more. She ensures the link between the four parts of the debate, each time accompanied by a guest who testifies to her feelings in relation to what is said. The evening ends in music, with live musicians.


PresentationElodie de Sélys and Sacha Daout,achievementAllan Wullus


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