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A documentary by Cyrille Gallais
RTBF co-production


Editing in progress

Through the lens of my camera, I tell Annie Cordy, as I perceive her as I see her, my Annie to me. I   met Annie Cordy, when I was 15, after a gala   that she gave _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf58d near my village. Since the age of 8 I never missed one of his   appearances on television. At the time, I wanted to become   singer and Annie Cordy   represented for me everything that made me dream, it was the Music Hall all by itself! So I went to see her, full of hope, for him   to hand over a model of my songs. But she made me understand that dreaming was not enough and that I had to work again... Since that day, she has never ceased to keep a benevolent eye on my career   as an artist grass.    

Fatima (2).png

A documentary by Bernadette Saint-Remi

RTBF co-production

Fatima, Redwane and me

Filming temporarily on hiatus (COVID-19)

I met Fatima 5 years ago already. At first, I would bring her my laundry and give it to her on the doorstep. When a friend asked me if I didn't have a bit of work to help an undocumented migrant, I couldn't find anything else and better, just a “good deed”. That's how I met him, nothing bad but already all the clichés gathered.
Fatima is 40 years old. She comes from Algeria, where twelve years ago she left her family to discover Europe. Coming to seek language lessons, and another culture that would enrich her own, she found love. She gave birth to a pretty and kind Redwane who is her pride and her strength.

Because of a violent husband, she found herself, without papers, delivered to hunger, survival and fear. Since then, she has fought by nourishing herself with encounters and projects. I am one of his encounters. I am her guardian angel and godmother to Redwane. She turned my life upside down and the film I am making echoes and praises her.


A documentary by Philippe Sellier

The Price of the Grail 

Shootingtemporarily on hiatus (COVID-19)

When 3 brothers are in search of the grail, when 3 brothers have won almost everything, except the Olympic Games. Jonathan, Kevin and Dylan Borlée have the sole objective of climbing the podium at the Tokyo Olympics. The preparation of the athletes, technically, psychologically, lived on a daily basis, in the intimacy of the group of 4 x 4 torchbearers, fulfilled or worried, on the track but also in their rooms or in the changing rooms before the competitions. A rare and informative behind-the-scenes documentary on high-level sport.

Comment on nous traite.png

A documentary by François de Saint Georges

Rues des Cancers 

In development


According to the Belgian State, around 7000 tonnes of active substances are purchased by farmers each year. This figure has changed little over the past 20 years. These active substances are the main ingredients of pesticides

In the town of Fernelmont, in Hesbaye, where the land is the most pulverized in Wallonia, Marie-Thérèse Gillet is worried about the quantity of diseases that she counts in her street. The authorities want to be reassuring.

Should Marie-Thérèse be reassured?


A fictional series
Work written by Etienne Bloc, Mustafa Balci and Jose-Luis Penafuerte.

Coproduction RTBF, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and NOVAK Prod.


In writing

Layla and Nora (21) are twins. Nothing separates them at first sight. They know everything about each other, they have lived everything together, shared everything. But their peaceful life as students is shattered when Nora is wanted for terrorism.
Hunted by the police, she is nowhere to be found. Layla knows that only she can save her : but her quest reveals her sister's dark side and rekindles the wounds of the past.
Between betrayals and lies, Layla, ready to sacrifice herself, faces her demons ; to find Nora or to discover herself, elle ?


A documentary by Cathie Dambel - montage lucrezia lippi
PRODUCTION : Image&Creation

From one mother to another

Calibration in progress 

The film accompanies a process of surrogacy which was established without financial compensation, for a year in a hospital in Brussels. Through this direct situation, he plunges the viewer into the intimate questions raised by GPA : the right to a child, respect for the surrogate mother, the interest of the child.

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