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Terra Artistika

A documentary series on contemporary artists

The “Audiovisual Foundation for Arts and Design” is developing a series of 12' documentary films on living artists, whose work and journey are emblematic of contemporary art in Europe.

The films of the “Terra Artistika” collection, shot in 4K, are intended, initially, for event screening, accompanying the events of the artists or arousing them. They allow us to enter the creative and very private world of artists.

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Gilbert Portanier, the joy of creating

“  With the joy of creating, I balance between immense curiosity and the restrictions of style and technique. I am experimenting with all the paths available to me, but I will soon learn to renounce the wonderful non-renewable effects, to orient myself towards the in-depth study of the simplest techniques that time and stubbornness have taught me. to master, opening up infinite horizons for me ".

Written by Régine de Lapize,  directed by Christophe Soupirot

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Jephan de Villiers, Watchman at the edge of the world

We enter the unusual and poetic universe of Jephan de Villiers, whose work is totally impregnated, connected and created with what "nature has given him" as he himself expresses it in the film. After having lived on the edge of the Soignes forest in Brussels, which inspired him so much, he is now settled in the Gironde estuary, where he works, always in total symbiosis with nature. An ode to life!

Written by Régine de Lapize,  rDirected by Christophe Soupirot

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Stephane Erouane Dumas

Stéphane Erouane Dumas invites us to enter his vegetal and mineral universe which invites contemplation and a personal reading of the signs of nature. He divides his working time between his studio in Paris and that in Normandy. By following his footsteps in the middle of nature, we discover his sources of inspiration, his pictorial approach, and his work.

Written by Régine de Lapize,  rDirected by Christophe Soupirot

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Guy Ferrer, from matter to Spirit

Guy Ferrer, painter and sculptor, possessed of an uncompromising creative energy, takes us into the secret of his studio, where everything is played out and replayed ad infinitum. the clinch begins.

Written by Régine de Lapize,  rDirected by Christophe Soupirot

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