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Post-production Triangle7

A film by Benjamin Hennot


Year of finish 2014

Belgium, 1978. The Minister of Public Works  plans a huge dam in the Eau Noire valley, upstream from the small town of Couvin. But the inhabitants are transformed into proud Indomitables and deliver a flamboyant guerrilla war... A choral film which communicates the joy and the force of a popular movement in all respects exemplary.

They perpetrated heckling and liming, sabotage and looting, occupations and “visits”, wild camps and flower parades. They converted banknotes into propaganda vehicles. They launched the first free radio station in Belgium, whose fleeting broadcasts were tracked (unsuccessfully) by the gendarmerie. In this tumultuous year 1978, these "Indomitable Couvinois" were then farmers, stove workers, firefighters, teachers, professors, insurers, naturalists, young "lascars" or law students. Together, and beyond religious, political, ideological convictions, beyond social and cultural categories, they united and won a dazzling victory against a useless dam project, which would have engulfed the superb Water Valley. Black and threatened their living environment. Nine months of an inventive, humorous and furiously determined struggle. "It was hard" they confide unanimously, but to add immediately that it was also the most intense period of their life.

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