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A Norman youth

A movie of Vincent Pouchain


Based on the true story of Marie-Clotilde de Quants (1921-2001), this film is inspired by her journey during the Occupation, or how an innocuous young woman from Caen falls into horror. It is through her romance with the head of the Gestapo that she finds the way to establish her desire for recognition and her thirst for revenge, to reveal her opportunism in broad daylight and to be able to express her desire to appear. This story is a slow descent into hell, a wild, raw and realistic ride. Considered in a naturalistic way, it takes us from the streets of Caen to the souk of Casablanca, passing through the small villages of the Pays d'Auge. It is above all a character and a destiny whose springs find an echo beyond the period of the 1940s: a Norman youth which still resonates, here or elsewhere... 

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